Monthly donor programs are growing and here to stay. It’s that crucial, ongoing, sustainable revenue stream and feeder of mid-level and legacy givers. But how do you treat monthly donors during the year? What do you do if their credit card expires or is declined? How can you keep them giving year after year?
A recent study showed that 47% of nonprofits didn’t follow up when their monthly donor’s card expired or was declined. After this webinar, you’ll have the complete toolkit to ensure that you know how and when to follow up and keep your monthly donors for many years to come.
In this interactive webinar, participants from nonprofits of all sizes will understand how to:

  • Fit recurring giving asks into their overall communication schedule.
  • Cultivate and recognize monthly donors.
  • Retain and reactivate monthly donors.
  • Upgrade existing monthly donors to higher levels.
  • Prevent monthly donors from lapsing