Many of us want to do something about climate change, but individual actions can feel inadequate in the face of the looming crisis. In the Network Climate Action: Scaling up your Impact online course, you will learn what the latest research says about how to scale up your individual actions through your social networks. You will choose a climate action you take yourself and apply social influence research to persuade your family, friends, colleagues, or social media followers to also take that action. You will be part of a unique online community that is applying innovative, exciting, and evidence-based approaches to fight climate change!

In this course, participants will:

  • Describe the feasibility and effectiveness of actions to mitigate greenhouse gases across different countries and contexts.
  • Implement an action to reduce greenhouse gases themselves and among their social network.
  • Critically reflect on the results of their network climate action and write a one-page report of their action and reflections.
  • Participate actively in a global online community of climate-concerned citizens.

How to Register:

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