This webinar will discuss how multimedia, case-based learning can be used to better engage and inform students regarding sustainability-related efforts on campus and create opportunities to build upon their projects over multiple semesters and cohorts. We consider three recent case studies involving the University of Michigan campus. One chronicles challenges to attaining zero waste goals for events in our Big Ten football stadium. One unpacks multi-stakeholder engagement behind installing urine-diverting toilets for fertilizer production for use in campus “pee-ony” gardens. And one leverages historical lessons about automotive and urban infrastructure design to inform a campus test course for driverless vehicles and transformed transportation. All three cases studies are available on Gala (, a free and open-source multimedia platform for sustainability learning created by Michigan Sustainability Cases at the University of Michigan’s School for Environment & Sustainability. Join Meghan Wagner, Michigan Sustainability Cases Project Manager to explore how to activate case-based sustainability learning on your campus.

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