It’s been said that 90% of an organization’s challenges are directly related to people or money. The 2024 Garden Board Member Experience will focus the conversations around those two topics and how they can be applied to your organization, with sessions led by non-profit experts from CSR-Consulting, Solutions, Results. Please note that this webinar series is intended for board members or executive level staff.

Cost: $50 (members)/$99 (non-members) per session, $150/$300 for all four sessions

Cancellation policy: Cancel anytime for a full refund on sessions not yet attended, minus a 25% admin fee.

Recordings: All sessions will be recorded (except breakout sessions/group discussions) and available following the session to all session registrants. Those who purchase the bundled experience will be sent recordings of any sessions missed prior to purchase.

Session 1: The Leadership Partnership – February 8

The different roles that staff and the board serve sometimes overlap, potentially leading to confusion. This session explores the critical partnership between the board and executive director. Discover how effective collaboration, shared vision, and strong communication can drive mission success and sustainable growth. Presented by Betsy Wallace & Patrick Larkin.

Session 2: Fundraising/Development – February 22

Ensuring that an organization has the financial resources necessary to achieve its mission is a key role for the board. But individual board members are often reticent to engage in the process for many reasons. This session will help empower nonprofit boards to drive fundraising success. Explore effective strategies, donor engagement, and ethical fundraising practices. Presented by Jane Zimmerman & Patrick Larkin.

Session 3: Going Beyond Nominating – March 7

Looking at the Nominating Committee to one focused on the board’s governance role will have long-lasting effects on the organization. Delve into how a Governance Committee’s responsibilities in recruitment, board development, and governance best practices can elevate your organization’s leadership and ensure strategic direction and compliance. Presented by Betsy Wallace & Patrick Larkin.

Session 4: Non-Profit Finance 101 – March 21

Nonprofit finances and reporting are often confusing for those not familiar with them. This session empowers the board of directors with essential financial literacy, unpacking budgeting, fiscal oversight, and financial reporting, making complex financial concepts accessible. Presented by Patrick Larkin.

This webinar series has been generously sponsored by Kittleman