With the reveal of the new Philly Tree Plan, along with an abundance of new funding for urban and community forestry nationwide through the Inflation Reduction Act, now is a time of great growth and opportunity in Philadelphia’s urban forest. To grow healthier and stronger communities, millions of dollars will be coming to our cities, dedicated to the planting and care of new trees.

While the future is promising, this moment calls for careful planning and raises important questions: how can we work with the urban forest while also making sure that we’re protecting and stewarding what we have? How do we value trees throughout their lifecycle? Where is there room for new growth and opportunity, and how can “green” business conflict with or promote good stewardship? Join us to hear new insights and discuss these topics and more with peers and industry experts.

This conference is hosted by the Morris Arboretum & Gardens and Haverford College Arboretum, and generously sponsored by Shriner Tree Care, Colonial Canopy Trees, Farrell Carota Landscaping, and Harmony Hill Nursery, LLC.

The Conference will take place at Haverford College in the Stokes Hall Auditorium.

Cost: $150