Module 4.2: Testing and Improving Your Plan
Module 4.4: Reflections and Next Steps

Module 4.3
Voices from the field

Click on the Voices from the Field videos below to hear from your garden peers about the importance of training, drills, and exercises; maintaining relationships with local, state, and federal emergency management organizations; and regularly reviewing and updating your disaster preparedness plan.

Steve Windhager

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

Michelle Cyr

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

Ian Simpkins

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Susie Koepp

Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

Lisa Dressler

University of Minnesota
Module 0 – Preparing to be prepared
Module 1 – Organizing Your Resources
Module 2 – Identifying & Assessing Risks
Module 3 – Developing a Mitigation Plan
Module 4 – Implementing and testing your plan