Module 4: Implementing and Testing Your Plan
Module 4.2: Testing and Improving Your Plan

Module 4.1
Implementing Your Plan

Implementing your disaster preparedness plans means more than just distributing copies of it to staff. Learn how to put your plan into action through communication, training, and maintaining a culture of readiness by exploring the interactive and resources below.


Rolling Out Your Disaster Preparedness Plan Checklist

Use this checklist to track your progress in rolling out your plan and sharing it with key stakeholders.

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Building an Annual Disaster Readiness Schedule

Use this spreadsheet to keep track of the regular activities your garden should initiate to maintain a culture of readiness.

Module 0 – Preparing to be prepared
Module 1 – Organizing Your Resources
Module 2 – Identifying & Assessing Risks
Module 3 – Developing a Mitigation Plan
Module 4 – Implementing and testing your plan