Module 0.4: The Four Phases of Disaster Planning
Module 1: Organizing Your Resources

Module 0.5
Reflection & Review

Congratulations on completing Module 0 of Disaster Preparedness Training!

You’ll have a chance to work on your plan in the subsequent modules.

In the meantime, here is your assignment:
Create a post in the Disaster Readiness Forum that answers the following questions:

  • Why is creating a disaster management plan—or improving your existing plan—important for your garden?

  • If you’re creating a new plan, what phase of disaster planning do you think you will need to spend the most time on?

  • If you’re working on an existing plan, what area(s) will you improve?

Disaster Readiness Forum
Module 0 – Preparing to be prepared
Module 1 – Organizing Your Resources
Module 2 – Identifying & Assessing Risks
Module 3 – Developing a Mitigation Plan
Module 4 – Implementing and testing your plan