Social Media in Public Gardens

Member Highlight: Kings Park and Botanic Garden

Interview with Rebecca Maddern, Communications Coordinator


APGA: How are you engaging your visitors via social media? 

KPBG: We have two current Facebook page campaigns, Kings Park Festival and Kings Park Volunteers. The Kings Park Festival runs throughout September and the Volunteers page is ongoing.      


APGA: In addition to the initiatives you mentioned above, can you tell us a bit more about the various channels of social media that you currently employ? 

KPBG: At present, we are only using Facebook. This is in order to trial social media strategies and gain some experience of their impact and required resources before we dive in to other channels.


APGA: What are your strategies for success?

KPBG: The Kings Park Festival campaign has gained the most traction, through regular posts (most days), current/relevant content and – most importantly – the use of great images.  We work on the ratio of providing about 4 posts of ‘interesting general info’ to 1 direct marketing message.  We have also used a prize incentive.


APGA: What do you consider a 'win' in social media? 

KPBG: We consider our ‘wins’ to be:

  • Building interest and participation in the Festival from a wide range of demographic groups (one of our objectives is to maximise participation by people with disabilities, from low-socio-economic backgrounds etc)
  • Improving our ability to serve visitors with practical visitor information
  • Providing public education about WA’s unique flora
  • Complementing the Festival’s traditional advertising campaign
  • Acknowledging Festival sponsors


APGA: What have you learned from something you tried in social media that didn't work?

KPBG: We have learned that activity must be regular and consistent to gain traction with our audiences.  We are learning to focus on content that is interesting and useful to the audience (rather than just to us!) if we are to be successful in this ‘consensual’ type of communication.  We are also learning that social media campaigns take considerable time and resources, but have the ability to really connect and build good relationships and networks with the community that is so important to us.