Results and Implementation

Analyzes issues and their impact on public gardens. Captures background data, summarizes APGA community input from Electronic Forum and Face2Face Summit, and makes recommendations.


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> Results

Determined by the APGA Public Garden Community in consultation with Subject Experts and other stakeholders through Online Study & Discussion followed by a Face2Face Summit.

APGA National Issues Forum Model - A Hybrid Process for Community-Wide Engagement

What's at Stake? - issues statement & impact on APGA public gardens

Baseline Survey Results - gauges knowledge, perceptions, and current practices at public gardens related to CBD and NAPPRA

Study Hall - become informed about the issues, consider impacts on your garden, and actions to be taken

Online APGA Community Discussion Site 

PDF of compiled input up to 12/19/2013


October 24-26, 2012, US National Arboretum, Washington DC

Program Overviews

Convention on Biological Diversity - Background & Global Perspective:

The Nagoya Protocol: an Overview for North American Botanic Gardens, Kathryn Davis, BGCI CBD specialist

Baseline Survey Results: Current Status & Perceptions in US & Canadian Public Gardens, Martin Smit, Longwood Graduate Program

Putting Policy into Practice: Access and Benefit Sharing

US NPGS Plant Exploration/Exchange Program: Access and Benefit Sharing, Karen Williams, USDA National Plant Germplasm System

Case Studies: Non-Commercial Uses

Missouri Botanical Garden - CBD & ABS: From Policy to Practice, Andrew Wyatt

North American-China Plant Exploration Consortium, Tony Aiello, NACPEC Coordinator

UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley, Christopher Carmichael

Case Studies: Commercial Uses

Chicagoland Grows Inc Plant Introduction Program, Kris Bachtell, The Morton Arboretum

Cruz Blooms: A Strategy for Plant Introductions While Providing Revenue to Countries of Original Provenance, Brett Hall, UC Santa Cruz Arboretum

The Benefits of Sharing, Chad Husby et al, Montgomery Botanical Center

NCI Policies for Access & Benefit Sharing, Gordon Cragg, National Cancer Institute, Natural Products Branch

USDA-APHIS New Plants for Planting Importation Regulations

Plants for Planting Importation Regulations: NAPPRA, Ingrid Berlanger & Arnold Tschanz, USDA-APHIS Plant Protection & Quarantine



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> Implementation

APGA Gardens Advancing Objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity: A Statement of Good Faith  

  • Inclusive and representative of the diversity within APGA's membership
  • Affirms succinctly how public gardens align with CBD objectives and specific articles

APGA Actions:

  • Continue to share information and serve as resources reservoir through online Study Hall
  • Encourage further community discussion and informed decision-making through online APGA Community Discussion Site
  • Conduct professional development programs continuing to raise awareness - session proposed for 2014 APGA Conference

Engaging US Gardens in ABS: a National issues Forum, Pamela Allenstein, APGA. Presented at 5th Global Botanic Gardens Congress, October 2013, Dunedin, New Zealand.

NAPPRA Regulations Update, Ingrid Berlanger, USDA-APHIS Plant Protection & Quarantine. Article in January 2013 APGA newsletter. 

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