Native Plant Professional Garden Section

The NANPO professional section is intended to be a resource to organizations that focus on the plants native to North America for display, collections, research, conservation, and land stewardship. This professional section is particularly of value to these organizations because of the, often unique, roles they play in their communities through: stewardship of natural lands and watershed resources; display, living collections, and/or herbaria resources focused on regional flora; involvement with in situ and ex situ efforts to conserve biodiversity; education/interpretation targeting the value of regional biodiversity; leadership in addressing issues of biological invasion and its impacts on natural systems and much more.

The NANPO provides a forum where like-minded institutions can create a vibrant dialogue to discuss topics ranging from horticulture, education, and research to ecology, conservation, and land stewardship practices. This professional section provides an interactive forum for sharing information and approaches to celebrating and promoting region plant diversity for gardening and healthier natural systems.


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