Holbrook Travel’s International Garden Tours offer amazing travel opportunities for group and individual exploration to the Americas, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific. Holbrook’s knowledge, experience, and partnerships provide added values, such as…

  • Contact with garden directors, private garden and nursery owners, university professors, and conservation specialists
  • Links to research and conservation projects
  • Customized itinerary
  • Horticulturist on staff
  • Marketing and execution assistance

Holbrook has offered garden tours across the globe in partnership with organizations such as the University of Washington Botanic Gardens (Cuba, Ecuador and Galápagos Islands), Missouri Botanical Garden (China), Desert Botanical Garden (South Africa), National Tropical Botanical Garden (Costa Rica), Longwood Graduate Program (Ecuador and Galápagos, Brazil), and New York Botanical Garden (Chile, Costa Rica, Brazil), as well as Holbrook-sponsored tours with leaders such as Dan Hinkley, Fred Hubbard, and Roberto Del Cid.

Whether you’re looking to create a specific member tour for your garden or arboretum, a student research trip for your university or botany department, a professional development program for master gardeners and public garden staff, a specialty donor and/or volunteer tour, or just want to join Holbrook Travel’s garden tours available to all interested participants, Holbrook Travel is ready to show you the natural beauty of the world’s flora.

You can raise funds for your garden by attending or advertising one, two, or all three of these upcoming tours:

Costa Rica: Conservation, Community Service, & Adventure
July 14-22, 2013

South Africa: Wildflowers, Game Drives, & Cape Town
August 24-September 4, 2013

Australia: Enchanting Gardens & Iconic Landmarks with Dan Hinkley
November 2-17, 2013


For more information or to sign up for a program, contact Sandy Schmidt, Garden Director, at 877-907-5360 or email schmidt@holbrooktravel.com.