Why Public Gardens Are Leaders

APGA’s vision is “a world where public gardens are indispensable. Climate change poses an existential threat to the flora and ecosystems APGA member gardens showcase and conserve.

YOUtopia furthers gardens’ common goals of positive change, leadership, public engagement, and empowerment on climate change. By demonstrating the effects while focusing on relevant, positive solutions, garden staff, educators, visitors, and communities can understand how their personal and civic behaviors can have positive impacts.

APGA member gardens can make climate change real, personal, emotional, and actionable within their local communities and nationally. With unique credibility as trusted, non-partisan, highly effective science and conservation educators, public gardens are perfectly positioned to inspire millions of Americans to engage in climate change solutions that are both personally relevant and emotionally compelling.  As important centers of both formal and informal science education, public gardens serve as a major source of information about plants, ecology, and environmental issues through their outreach and programming for the general public and students of all ages and skill levels.

More than just beautiful and safe places for residents and tourists to visit, public gardens often go beyond their gates to promote community and global conservation awareness and environmental stewardship. Many are involved in plant conservation and work diligently to preserve open green space and sensitive habitats. They also advance environmentally responsible gardening and public gardens are involved in research that relates to changes in climatic conditions.

APGA member gardens are extremely important to the local communities they serve. They are living museums, helping preserve the cultural heritage of the regions they represent. They reach out into the community, educating and inspiring people of all ages to grow plants, including the recent exponential interest in urban agriculture and food security.

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