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Irrigation Specialist
Category: Technical

Desert Botanical Garden
Phoenix, Arizona

Posted: Tuesday, August 27, 2013

 Irrigation Specialist 

Desert Botanical Garden

DEPARTMENT: Horticulture
REPORTS TO: Director of Horticulture
STATUS: Full-time; Exempt
The Desert Botanical Garden is a major cultural institution in the Phoenix metropolitan area with a multi-faceted mission:  conservation, education, research and exhibition of desert plants.  In order to remain a sustainable part of the community, the Garden must model best practices and advocate for the health and growth of desert plants.  
As soon as the Garden’s new canal water supply system is brought on-line, this employee will help design, install and maintain new “smart” irrigation technology, including new valves, wireless communication, and a computerized central control system.
  • Work with Directors of Exhibits, Horticulture, and Facilities to develop future irrigation plans for the core trail and all other Garden renovation and modification work. 
  • Improve and maintain the plant irrigation systems for the entire Desert Botanical Garden.  This entails the general upkeep, acquisition of parts, and repairs of all aspects of the Garden's irrigation systems.
  • Working with industry partners, lead process for implementation of a wireless central control irrigation computer system, along with all needed components.  
  • Work with Director of Horticulture to implement and perform a regular irrigation reporting system, monitoring key irrigation related items.  
  • Install irrigation additions as plants are added and exhibits expanded utilizing industry wide best practices.  
  • Assist Facilities in maintaining greenhouse cooling systems in the propagation area, and act as a representative for future Horticulture facility expansion. 
  • Assist other department staff with projects, special events and assignments when needed.
  • Serve on internal Garden committees and assist with Garden events and projects as required.  Act as the liaison to the Building and Grounds Committee to report status of irrigation systems. 
  • Assist with implementation of new landscapes of new areas as assigned by the Director of Horticulture.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Director of Horticulture.
  1. 5 years of experience installing & maintaining intricate irrigation systems in public or private spaces.  
  2. Knowledge of current industry technologies; (i.e. Central Control Systems) 
  3. Experience with budgets and large-scale projects
  4. CID certified or appropriate alternative certifications     
  5. Preferred, but not mandatory experience  in the operation of heavy equipment (backhoe, forklift, bobcat)
  6. Ability to lift 60 pounds and work in extreme weather conditions
Reasonable accommodation may be made, where necessary, to allow a qualified individual to perform essential job functions.
To Apply:
Please send a resume and letters of recommendation to:, or mail to: Desert Botanical Garden (attn: Kenny Zelov), 1201 N. Galvin Parkway, Phoenix, AZ 85008

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