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Irrigation Technician
Category: Technical

Myriad Gardens
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Posted: Tuesday, June 4, 2013



Description of the Job:

This position is located at the Myriad Botanical Gardens and primarily requires working outdoors. Employee follows specified procedures in performing single or multi-task assignments, and may work as a member of a crew with other staff or volunteers or work individually.

Essential job functions may include: preform regular system checks, maintain run times and schedule so as not to interfere with events or general public; locate and repair valves, main line, heads, and drip pipe; operate controller, remote, and computer system; test public water features to maintain health department standards; repair broken or clogged outdoor drains; operating, inspecting, and maintaining equipment; emptying trash; skimming lake. The worker will perform maintenance tasks related to ornamental plants such as installing plants, proper pruning, watering, assist in other indoor/outdoor horticulture maintenance. The worker must be able to assume responsibility for following all procedures and guidelines related to safety, safe operation of equipment, and equipment maintenance tasks, and establish and meet garden project completion schedules on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The necessary skills, knowledge, and ability and/or licenses and certifications to perform specific tasks must be acquired prior to assuming the duties of the position. Work quality and compliance with established policies and procedures are reviewed by a supervisor through visual inspection of results and observation of work in progress. Daily assignments are received verbally and/or in writing from the supervisor. Employee must maintain a friendly, polite, service oriented demeanor and interact with the public when appropriate.


  • Professional work ethic
  • Skills in using various types of tools
  • Skills in repairing, installing, and reconstructing irrigation systems
  • Ability to perform preventive maintenance
  • Must have experience with operation of irrigation controllers, remotes, & irrigation system checks
  • General landscaping skills and knowledge.
  • Ability to work flexible hours as needed
  • Ability to work with others
  • Ability to follow safety procedures, rules and regulations
  • Ability to follow oral and written instructions
  • Valid driver’s license


  • Outside; continually exposed to heat, cold, humidity, dust, etc.
  • Indoors in a tropical conservatory, exposed to humidity
  • Exposed to plant and tree pollens, bee or wasp stings, poison oak, ivy, or sumac and/or other allergy causing agents
  • Subject to working on or around slippery surfaces such as wet sidewalks, mud and oil
  • Exposed to hazards due to lifting, cleaning, and using tools and/or equipment
  • Will work near moving objects such as traffic and equipment
  • Exposed to toxins and chemical irritants such as fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, etc.


  • Strength enough to lift, push, pull or carry objects weighing up to 50 pounds such as trash and equipment
  • Stamina enough to exert oneself physically throughout the working day
  • Extent flexibility and gross body coordination enough to bend, twist, or reach out to load and unload trucks; etc.
  • Near and far vision enough to see oncoming traffic and to use equipment with which one is working.
  • Hearing enough to understand a conversation in noisy environment and to determine location of traffic
  • Speech enough to communicate clearly and distinctly with co-workers and supervisor


Non-exempt position reporting to Director of Horticulture


Medical, Dental, Vision Insurance and 401K matching

To apply: Please send a resume and three letters of recommendation to: Or mail to: Myriad Gardens Foundation, 301 W. Reno, OKC, OK 73102

Job is open until filled.

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