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Curator of Horticulture
Category: Horticulture

Virginia Zoo
Norfolk, VA

Posted: Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Curator of Horticulture – Virginia Zoo

Virginia Zoo is a rapidly growing and progressive organization which last year opened a new $18.5 million Asian exhibit zone, which lead to record attendance last year. We have recently broken ground on a new $4 million zoo veterinary hospital and nutrition center which should be completed in 2013.

We are currently recruiting for a Curator of Horticulture, which serves as the head of our horticulture and grounds department. The successful candidate will have a bachelor’s degree in biology, agriculture, environmental sciences, natural resources or similar program of study, plus at least 5 years professional experience. This person will have demonstrated an ability to work with botanical master planning, plant propagation, landscaping, browse programs, pesticide/herbicide management, environmental education, and wetland restoration, as well as forming community partnerships. This position is considered a pivotal part of leading green energy and sustainable practices initiatives throughout the zoo. Experience with grant writing, research and/or publication is considered advantageous, as is graduate school study and qualifications and experience with browse programs. Job skills and competencies include:

1) Directs the daily work of staff in the horticulture department.

2) Formulates a botanical master plan for the zoo and sets seasonal goals and objectives for the gardens and landscape.

3) Manages a browse program for the zoo and acts as an expert resource to zoo staff concerning plant toxicity questions

3) Coordinates cleaning and landscape management with staff and outside service providers.

4) Participate in zoo senior management meetings and acts as a knowledge resource to other zoo departments as needed.

5) Participates in staff training programs and development of zoo horticulture programs.

6) Ensures compliance with local, state, and federal laws as well as regulations relating to plants and landscaping of the zoo.

7) Ensures that botanical records and programs are updated and maintained at a high level of accuracy and professionalism.

8) Monitors the pest control program, which includes chemicals used and disposition of dangerous and injurious pests.

9) Promotes environmental sustainability and 'green' initiatives throughout the organization.

10) Supports AZA conservation and research by serving as a resource.

11) Directly supervises staff, including conducting performance evaluations, staff training and scheduling.

12) Administrative supervision of department budget and operations.

13) Must perform in a friendly and professional manner with Zoo staff, co-workers, volunteers and visitors.

Salary range for this position is from $41,691.00 to $66,652.00 annually with excellent benefits as an employee of the City of Norfolk. Please see the City of Norfolk Human Resources web site for more details and to apply. Applications will only be accepted via the City of Norfolk website.

Applications will be accepted until November 25th, 2012.

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