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Plant Conservation & Biodiversity Benchmarking

"Your Garden is a Conservation Garden! Gardens practice conservation efforts, but few gardens realize how their efforts are relevant to global plant conservation."
- Casey Sclar, Executive Director, American Public Gardens Association


Data entry for Conservation and Biodiversity will be open in January, 2020. But you can get started in gathering the data today!

Download the Benchmarking User's Guide to help you get started with data entry, comparisons, filtering and reporting.

Download the Benchmarking Study Questions here to work offline/share with others.

Data entry icons on the home page help track your progress and identify areas with unanswered required questions and questions with invalid responses.

Your garden does not need to be an Association member to participate!


Reports on the five core topic areas: Leadership & Governance, Ex situ Conservation, In situ Conservation, Research & Expertise, and Education & Communication, will provide your garden’s leadership and stakeholders with quantifiable statements on plant conservation and biodiversity accomplishments and efforts.

  • What is my garden doing for plant conservation, and how does it support the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation/North American Strategy for Plant Conservation?
  • How do I compare with peers in my region, budget size, country, and continent?
  • Where is conservation capacity missing in my garden, region, country, and continent?
  • Which targets are within reach and which require long term planning to increase our plant conservation and biodiversity capacity?

Be sure to answer all required questions and complete at least 75% of the total questions so that your garden will qualify for valuable industry benchmarking comparisons and reporting (these features will be available once enough gardens have entered their data).



The BIODIVERSITY AND CONSERVATION Attribute of the Public Gardens Sustainability Index and Benchmarking platforms have been intentionally aligned with North American Strategy for Plant Conservation and the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation. Public Gardens Sustainability Index tools can help your garden prepare for benchmarking.

The North American Plant Conservation Initiative released the 2016-2020 North American Botanic Garden Strategy for Plant Conservation, an updated continent-wide plan to recover, conserve, and protect the plants of North America. This initiative unites the American Public Gardens Association, Botanic Gardens Conservation International US (BGCI-US), The Center for Plant Conservation (CPC), The Mexican Association of Botanic Gardens (AMJB), and the Plant Conservation Alliance Non-Federal Cooperators Committee (PCA-NFCC) as they bring the collective power and resources of over 1000 gardens and related organizations to bear on this one critical issue.

American Public Gardens Association and the US Forest Service recognize a longstanding partnership and mutual interest in conserving and managing biological diversity, and our common desire to expand our work together throughout the country.


The Conservation and Biodiversity Benchmarking Platform is a joint project of the American Public Gardens Association and Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI).

Conservation and Biodiversity Benchmarking is made possible with generous support from the United States Botanic Garden.