Article by Rafia Tasleem from BNN The People’s Network
Photo courtesy of BNN

A wildfire devastated 98% of Chile’s National Botanical Garden, endangering hundreds of visitors and staff. Despite the destruction of rare plant species, all individuals managed to survive.

In an unsuspecting Friday afternoon at Chile’s National Botanical Garden of Viña del Mar, hundreds of visitors found themselves facing a nightmare. A wildfire, believed to be intentionally set, was rapidly advancing from across the hills and highway, posing an imminent threat that none were prepared for.

As park rangers began to alert everyone of the urgency to evacuate, scenes of pandemonium unfolded. The wildfire had reached the exits, cutting off the escape route for many. Alejandro Peirano, the park’s director, along with several others, had to take refuge on the grass near the entrance gate, huddling beneath the thick black smoke. A dramatic moment ensued as a ranger questioned their chances of survival.

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