Help your visitors learn more about Dogwood anthracnose! This sign covers the host plants for this important forest pest, its life cycle, and the mechanics of an attack on a tree.  

Product description: 4-color printed vinyl, applied to one side of an aluminum / polyethylene core sandwich. These ⅛” thick signs are lightweight and weather resistant. Signs can be easily drilled for mounting holes enabling their attachment to metal stakes, wood, etc.  Expect 3-5 years of usage depending on environmental conditions.

Outdoor mounting tape description: This outdoor mounting tape is a weather resistant, double-sided, conformable tape. Can be used on a variety of surfaces such as painted cement or brick, glass, metal, tile, ceramic and more. Can hold up to 5-pound weight. 1-Inch holds a 1/4-pound, 4-Inch hold 1-pound. Measures 60-Inch length by 1-Inch width in size.

Metal sign holder:  This real estate sign frame holds an 24" wide x 18" tall real estate sign and a 24"x 6" rider. See example here.  

More specifications:
3/4" angle iron construction
Black finish
Easy slide-in panel installation
Bolt holes (14-1/2" on center)
42" Height
Holds up to 1/4" thick sign

Developed with funds from the U.S. Forest Service