Bloedel Reserve, a 140-acre public garden and forest reserve on Bainbridge Island, WA, announced that President & CEO Ed Moydell will be stepping down on August 15th to become President & CEO of Holden Forests & Gardens in Cleveland, OH.  Moydell has been with the Reserve since 2009, first arriving as Associate Director before his appointment as Executive Director in 2010 and then President & CEO.  Under Moydell’s leadership, the Reserve has evolved into a community organization, expanded the number of people served, developed key mission-based programs, and completed a $25MM fundraising campaign.

Said Moydell, “It’s been an honor and pleasure to lead Bloedel Reserve for the last 13 years. The Reserve is a place like no other and I’m grateful for all the opportunity I’ve been given here.  While I’m delighted with all the great work we’ve done to enhance the landscapes, buildings, and guest experience, I’m proudest of the culture we’ve built to support all of that.  We have an amazing, talented, and dedicated group of Staff, Trustees, and Volunteers that make all the magic happen.”

In preparation for Moydell’s departure, the Board of Trustees, led by Chair Deborah Schenk, will launch a transition task force and has appointed Chuck Little as Interim President & CEO.  Chuck previously served as the Reserve’s Board President for 3 years and co-led two strategic planning processes with Moydell.  Schenk noted that Bloedel Reserve’s recently adopted strategic plan, which focuses on sustainability, provides a good framework for Moydell’s successor who will lead this beloved community asset.

Over the next few months, Chuck will work closely with Ed and other Reserve Staff members to ensure a positive and smooth transition.  A search for Moydell’s successor will soon be underway. Said Little, “We wish Ed well as he steps into a much-deserved new opportunity. Through his hard work and leadership, Bloedel Reserve has become one of America’s preeminent public gardens.  With the plans he’s put in place, our future looks even more promising.”

Holden Forests & Gardens is made up of two of Northeast Ohio’s most important environmental and cultural institutions — the Holden Arboretum and Cleveland Botanical Garden — whose mission is to connect people with the wonder, beauty, and value of trees and plants, to inspire action for healthy communities. One of the largest public gardens in the country, Holden Forests & Gardens has over 20,000 member households and an annual attendance of over 300,000. Holden’s science, conservation, and urban forestry work is widely acclaimed and helps save native trees in the Great Lakes region and beyond. Moydell hopes to continue there the great work he began at Bloedel Reserve.