Compare your employees’ compensation and benefits packages to your peer gardens.

The power of data reveals industry trends based upon real world information, not speculation. When you have the benchmarks from dozens of peer gardens, you have seriously powerful information. Compare your garden’s baselines to other peer gardens.

Please note that due to the sensitive nature of the results, only Executive Garden Leaders (Main Contacts) and their designees currently have access to this data.
Main Contacts can designate additional users (see GET ACCESS below)

introduction video:
Compensation & BeNefits benchmarking

Watch our in-depth introduction to Compensation and Benefits Benchmarking tool.


Enter Your Data

When entering your data, use the most recent fiscal year that closed in the period represented. We base this assuming that your fiscal year is denoted by the last month your fiscal year closes in (ex. last month of FY is December of 2017 = FY17).

If you have already entered data into the system, the “Copy Data” feature allows you to quickly import the previous year’s data so you only need to update anything that’s changed.


Generating Your Reports

Compare your garden’s baselines to other peer gardens. Data filters allow you to adjust for comparable gardens of your size – in your region and across the country.

One click can provide specialized, personalized, PDF, Excel, and PowerPoint Reports and Presentations about your garden and where it stands relative to your peers.