The Service Award was created in 2004 and is chosen annually by the Board of Directors. It is reserved for an individual who has shown selfless service to the organization through work as a Professional Committee member, Service Committee member, and/or Board member. It is not the intent that this award be given solely to Board members (Board members must wait four years after the expiration of their terms before being nominated) but to all who participate actively in the Association's business through their volunteer efforts. The Association's strength is based on its volunteers, and the Association’s Board of Directors wishes to recognize their contributions.


2005 – Cheryl Lowe

2006 – George Briggs

2007 – Rick Lewandowski

2008 – Gerry Donnelly

2009 – Don A. Rakow

2010 – Mary Pat Matheson

2011 – Richard V. Piacentini

2012 – Rick Colbert

2013 – Nancy Bechtol

2014 – Linda Eirhart

2015 – Barbara Faust

2016 – Dr. Richard Lighty and Sally Lighty

2017 – Nicola Ripley

2018 – Catherine Hubbard

2019Dr. William E. "Bill" Barrick

2020 – Paul Redman