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Alexis Bacon

Plant Protection Program Assistant

Alexis joined the Association in 2019, and serves as the Plant Protection Program Assistant. In her role, she will be fulfilling Plant Protection Program Store orders, creating Plant Heroes youth educational materials, and assisting with planning and executing Sentinel Plant Network workshops. She is excited to support public gardens in their quest to learn more about significant plant pests and educate the public on how to safeguard plants in their own backyards.


Alexis’ diverse horticultural experiences include working at a blueberry farm, volunteering at CSAs, and starting her own gardening business for homeowners. After completing a bachelor’s degree in horticulture, she worked at the Scott Arboretum as their Education Intern, and later at the University of Delaware Botanic Gardens as their Annual Intern. Her interests include horticulture, garden design, education, community engagement, and sustainability. She spends her free time hiking, camping, making art, and finding new ways to reduce her carbon footprint.