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American Public Gardens Association


American Public Gardens Association connects the field of public horticulture to strengthen collaboration and to enhance its impact.

  • We have a 75+-year track record of convening and educating the public horticulture community.
  • We provide a peer group for all types and sizes of public horticulture organizations and professionals. Members value the learning that enables them to thrive.
  • Our members value the way that the American Public Gardens Association connects them to peers to form a powerful national and international network.
  • We are proactive in providing best practices and resources for professional growth. It organizes subject-specific peer groups and provides frequent updates on trends and job opportunities.
  • We spark insight and improvement across the field of public horticulture by providing a variety of in-person and online networking forums.


American Public Gardens Association protects our natural heritage and ensures the future of public horticulture through pioneering programs and advocacy.

  • Our singular programs protect and recognize plant collections (Plant Collections Network; formerly NAPCC), respond to the threats posed by invasive species (Plant Protection Program) and address the challenges of limited natural resources and climate change (Climate & Sustainability Alliance).
  • We recognize the power and responsibility of its collective membership – stewards of the botanical treasures of so much of the world -- and what could be lost if they do not have the tools and resources to remain strong.
  • We provide resources that enable members to build strong futures for their institutions by making the case for public gardens.


American Public Gardens Association champions the role of public horticulture in improving the quality of life for all.

  • We offer a unified voice for public horticulture. We publicize the work of its members in addressing issues from the role of public gardens in the nation’s economy to their role in conservation. 
  • Our board members are knowledgeable, engaged leaders in the field.
  • Executive Director Casey Sclar is a seasoned and trusted leader in public horticulture who has served the field in many ways. He speaks on behalf of the field of public horticulture on its roles in strengthening the economy, education, and conservation.