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University of British Columbia Botanical Garden

6804 Southwest Marine Drive
Vancouver , BC V6T1Z4
(604) 822-3928
January, 1951

As Canada’s oldest university botanical garden, UBC Botanical Garden stewards a living and growing repository of plants representing the biodiversity of selected native and exotic temperate ecosystems. The total collection of approximately 120,000 accessioned plants represents some 6,000 taxa and includes significant collections of Magnolia, Acer (maples), Sorbus (mountain ash, Styracaceae (storax family), Rhododendron and climbing plants.

A key part of the University’s biodiversity collections, the Botanical Garden provides resources to researchers, students and the public that reach far beyond its collections to provide a window onto the species, ecosystems and genetic diversity of the natural world.

Nationally Accredited Plant Collections 
Excellence in Sustainability 
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