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James Madison's Montpelier

11350 Constitution Highway
Montpelier Station , VA 22957-9900
(540) 661-3510
January, 1987

Montpelier, the lifelong home of James Madison, 4th President of the United States, consists of 2650 acres. There are 1800 wooded acres, including the 200-acre old-growth Landmark Forest. President Madison’s home is nestled among 50 species of specimen trees, a 2-acre formal garden and numerous slave quarters, barns and 20th century buildings. The Annie duPont Rogers formal garden is an original Madison garden site that has undergone many changes since the Madison era, while maintaining the integrity of the original garden. Admission to the property is free with the exception of guided tours through the grounds and Madison home. Visitors are encouraged to tour, relax at the Visitor Center and Exchange Café, visit a freed slave’s cabin, explore a civil war encampment site and hike the 8 miles of nature trails. Leashed dogs are welcome. Visit or call 540-672-2728 for further information.

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