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Plant Conservation Professional Section

The Conservation Professional Section (CPS) provides a resource for conservation and scientific professionals working in and with public gardens. Many botanic gardens, arboreta and botanical institutions around the world (hereafter collectively referred to as gardens) have embraced plant conservation as part of their mission. Conservation actions can take many forms from strictly educational efforts, to seed banking activities, natural area management and restoration, and related applied conservation research.

Gardens are diverse in scope, size, mission, age, constituents, and other characteristics. Nevertheless, all gardens can contribute to conservation in some way. Gardens collectively introduce millions of people per year to the beauty and importance of plant diversity. Some of the expertise resident within botanic gardens, such as plant propagation, horticultural management, floristics and ecological knowledge, can easily be applied to conservation problems. Gardens often have important facilities and land holdings for conservation research, including greenhouses, seed storage facilities, nursery space and natural areas. In addition garden research can sometimes take place on a much longer time scale than most academic research. Gardens can use staffing and information management practices that allow mission-driven projects to continue beyond the employment period of any individual researcher.

The CPS commits itself to fostering, recognizing, learning from, and achieving conservation best practices at public gardens. The CPS welcomes APGA members from all disciplines and organizational levels interested in pursuing plant conservation practice and research in public gardens.


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