Volunteer Management

APGA Volunteer Section

The American Public Garden Association is dedicated to promoting people's appreciation and understanding of the irreplaceable value of plants. Volunteer programs in public gardens advance this mission by recruiting and managing volunteers to provide support for programs and activities in public education, horticulture, research, visitor services, special events, and other aspects of garden operations.

The APGA's Volunteer Section was established to support the paid staff and volunteer leadership of member gardens in developing, implementing, and managing volunteer programs which effectively meet the needs of their organizations. The section's mission is to:

Serve as an information center for resource material on volunteer programs and practices.

Promote the professional development of those responsible for managing public garden volunteer programs through its activities.

Serve as a forum for veteran volunteer administrators to assist new volunteer administrators to create growing, dynamic, relevant volunteer programs.

Advocate for volunteer program needs in APGA member gardens

Section activities include information sharing via the APGA website, professional development sessions at APGA meetings, and a biennial conference, Volunteer Interaction.

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