Small Gardens

The Small Garden Professional Section provides a forum for communication and problem solving issues specific to Small Public Gardens. The challenges facing smaller public gardens are often very different from those of large public gardens. This section regularlydiscusses issues and shares solutions associated with operational management, public horticulture, interpretation, public relations, board relations, development, and administration- specific to the operation of a Small Public Garden.

Over 75% of the "Institutional Members" of APGA are from Small Public Gardens. This section will provide a much-needed forum for directors and staff of small to medium public gardens to network and gain knowledge that will strengthen and support the ongoing work of small public gardens. This new section fills a need not previously addressed through APGA.

This section promotes and encourages professional development and recognition opportunities for Small Public Gardens at annual and regional conferences. Members are invited to interact at sections meetings at the annual and professional development symposia, as well as through the APGA's web site and other networking venues throughout the year.

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Online discussion groups coming soon!