Dues are based on an operating budget for the Garden. To see complete information, please click on the JOIN NOW button.

Dues for membership are $125 for individual, $65 retired garden professional, $65 for garden volunteer, and $65 for student members. All staff at APGA member gardens have access to member benefits at no additional fee. Please contact info@publicgardens.org for more information or click on the JOIN NOW button.

The Morton Register of Arboreta is a comprehensive list and database of named arboreta and other public gardens that have a substantial focus on woody plants. The Morton Register offers an Arboretum Accreditation Program that provides standards for the establishment and development of an official or bona fide arboretum. The Morton Register of Arboreta and the Arboretum Accreditation Program are available through ArbNet (www.ArbNet.org), an online, interactive community of arboreta that supports the common interests of tree-focused public gardens. ArbNet is sponsored and coordinated by The Morton Arboretum, in cooperation with APGA.

Since no agency gives legal accreditation to botanic gardens, anyone can call any garden a botanic garden. There are, however, some generally accepted criteria for defining the terms 'botanic gardens' or 'botanical gardens' that APGA asks our members to follow:

  • The garden is open to the public on a least a part-time basis.
  • The garden functions as an aesthetic display, educational display and or site research.
  • The garden maintains plant records.
  • The garden has at least one professional staff member (paid or unpaid).
  • Garden visitors can identify plants through labels, guide maps or other interpretive materials.