People and Gardens

March 2014

Taltree Arboretum & Gardens Awarded Full NAPCC Accreditation
APGA is pleased to announce that Taltree Arboretum and Gardens has achieved full accreditation as a participating site in the NAPCC Multisite Quercus (Oak) Collection. The Arboretum joined NAPCC as a provisional member in 2010. Its signature oak collection features prominently in the Arboretum's new master plan. A herbarium has been established to house plant vouchers onsite, with digital images enhancing the value of this collection for research and taxonomic verification. The site currently holds 112 oak taxa, including Q. austrina, Q. parvula, Q. pedunculiflora, Q. pyrenaica, Q. undulata, Q. virgiliana, Q. macranthera x petrea, Q. mongolica var. grosserata, Q. alba formapinnatifida.
More information on NAPCC:
Taltree Arboretum & Gardens website:


Sustainability Webcast Opens Doors for New Conversations
A webcast conversation hosted by APGA's Technology and Innovation Professional Section on January 30 was held to discuss how technology and innovation can help address climate change. Sarah Beck shared an introduction to APGA’s climate change programs followed by a discussion of technology resources such as GIS, energy-efficient smart glass, GPS, Citizen Science platforms and much more.  
Members of other professional sections are encouraged to start a Sustainability and Climate Change conversation in their own groups. Contact Sarah Beck directly to participate in any of the climate change programs or to request APGA support for future live conversations:
View this webcast here.   (Please note that depending on the speed of your internet connection, it may take a minute or two for the video to begin).


YOUtopia News:  Xishuangbanna Declaration
The Third Xishuangbanna International Symposium on Botanical Gardens and Climate Change was held January 13-16 in Yunnan Province, China to address how botanic gardens are and could be active in addressing climate change through research, conservation and education. Dr. Jennifer Schwarz Ballard from Chicago Botanic Garden represented the United States among participants from 20 countries. 
As a result of the conference, The XISHUANGBANNA DECLARATION ON BOTANICAL GARDENS AND CLIMATE CHANGE was produced. It provides an outline of how botanic gardens can use their strengths to address the very real challenge of climate change. The declaration may also be found (when you are logged in) in the YOUtopia Resource Portal.


New Director Named for Cornell Plantations
Cornell Plantations is excited to share the news that Christopher P. Dunn, Ph.D. will become the next Elizabeth Newman Wilds Director on April 1, 2014.

“Plantations is an integral part of Cornell, serving as both the largest laboratory and richest classroom on campus, while furnishing the university with a unique botanical character
 unlike that of other institutions of higher learning,” said Kathryn J. Boor, the Ronald P. Lynch Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, in her announce
ment. “I am confident that Christopher’s depth of experience and passion will foster new opportunities for Plantations to enhance its conservation mission while continuing to promote the enrichment and well-being of the entire Cornell community.” 
Click here to read the February 5 Cornell Chronicle article, "Plantations appoints botanist from Hawaii as director."