Path to Development

Thursday, June 21, 2012

MYTHBUSTERS [About Your Board of Directors] for Fundraising Geniuses

This lively session will explore the real reasons that board members serve, the new job description for board members, and insider tips and tricks to raising millions for less.

Dynamic fundraising leaders from diverse backgrounds with proven track records will share their expertise on why and how board members serve, how to evolve a non-fundraising board in conjunction with a capital campaign, and how to keep a board-driven major gift campaign in sync with your mission. Come prepared with your fundraising questions for our geniuses to tackle.

Presenters: Madeline Dobbs, APGA; Carol Weisman, Board Builders; Joan Thomas, Bok Tower Gardens; and Gregory DuFour, Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

Collaborative Fundraising: Double the Pleasure, Double the Funds

Strong fundraising programs are essential to almost every garden and arboretum.

The most successful fundraising programs are those that take an institutional approach to securing philanthropic dollars by engaging staff across all programs
and departments. This session will prove that the greatest fundraising success comes from collaborative work that is fun, rewarding, and best-fit to the unique talents of each garden and arboretum team member across all program areas.

Presenters: Jill Koski and Grant Gilbert, The Morton Arboretum; Clem Hamilton, The Holden Arboretum; Nick Baker, Bok Tower Gardens; and John Sallot, Desert Botanical Garden

Save 50 Percent Off of Grief, and Earn 100 Percent Success with Daily Deal Sites, and Bring Hundreds or Even Thousands of New Customers to Your Doors

It’s not a secret that daily deal websites are extremely popular.

How can your public garden get in on the action? Does participating in a daily deal affect your garden in the long term? Are you just training the public to always expect a bargain? This panel discussion will address these questions and more. Daily deal sites can make your head spin, so challenge yourself to try something new and learn how to sort through the clutter and get the deal you want.

Presenters: Patrick Larkin, Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden; Michelle Ullman, Longwood Gardens; John Sallot, Desert Botanic Garden; and Caroline Moran, Groupon

Friday, June 22, 2012

Why Me? Why Now? What’s the Impact?: Build a More Compelling Case for Support

A common challenge faced by nonprofit professionals is how to effectively articulate their case for support.

This session will provide some insights and tips from both your garden colleagues and their professional case writer partners about engaging stakeholders in developing, articulating, and expressing your unique case for support. Two gardens and their consultant partners share their case-writing experiences and offer valuable take-away tips for communicating your case more effectively.

Presenters: Jon D. McGann, Corporate DevelopMint, Joan Thomas, Bok Tower Gardens; and Beverly Duzik, Desert Botanical Garden, Willard White, Marts & Lundy

Growing Your Garden through a Capital Campaign: How to Plan, and Execute, in Today’s Environment

This session provides the key reasons for undertaking a campaign, articulates how campaigns can help build institutions if designed appropriately, discusses current
overall philanthropic and campaign trends that you should be aware of as you prepare your institution, and lays out specific and tangible steps involved with effective campaign planning. Participants will learn why a major campaign is more important than ever before; how to build campaign success in the planning stage before you launch; and how a successful campaign prepares you for an enriched and expanded fundraising in the future.

Presenters: Lynne Heinrich, Marts & Lundy; Jill Koski, The Morton Arboretum; and Sharon Mertzluft, Missouri Botanical Garden