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We've posted factsheets, sample agreements, links to manuals, toolkits, and regulations. Become informed. Consider impacts to public gardens & possible solutions. Then Join the Discussion!


Convention on Biological Diversity

2-page Summaries from CBD Secretariat

Convention on Biological Diversity Factsheet.pdf

Access and Benefit-Sharing Factsheet.pdf

Nagoya Protocol factsheet.pdf

1998 Board Resolution on CBD 
           from AABGA [APGA] Policy Handbook 


Global Strategy for Plant Conservation

           Global Strategy for Plant Conservation Factsheet


More Detailed Study: CBD and Access & Benefits-Sharing

CBD Manual for Botanic Gardens - 2008 publication from Botanic Gardens Conservation Intl

Access and Benefit Sharing Toolkit 2011.pdf - Convention on Biological Diversity Secretariat - 2011. Includes ABS overview, Uses of Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge, Bonn Guidelines, National Implementation, Nagoya Protocol

The CBD for Botanists version 2 - Training kit developed by Kew et al. Updated 2006.

 Convention on Biological Diversity website - Official CBD international site. Find latest news, actual text of CBD Guidelines & related Protocols, directory of National Focal Points, and much more

Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources and the Fair and Equitable Sharing of Benefits Arising from their Utilization to the Convention on Biological Diversity - Text of 2010 Protocol. Includes list of Monetary and Non-Monetary Benefits.

Nagoya Protocol_2011_Buck-Hamilton - Article explains framework, challenges, & next steps from European Union perspective

Joining the Convention on Biological Diversity 2010 Snape - Legal & scientific perspective on CBD in the US 

Implementation: CBD and Access & Benefits-Sharing

Principles on ABS - A framework to help gardens and herbaria develop policies and procedures on access and benefit-sharing.  

The International Plant Exchange Network (IPEN).pdf

More details on IPEN

2011-2020 Strategic Plan for Biodiversity - Approved plan by CBD Conference of the Parties, includes 20 Aichi Conservation Targets

Canadian Biodiversity Action Plan 2001

Canadian 2010 Challenge: Conserving Plant Diversity - 2006 update on goals set in Biodiversity Action Plan

Countries with Laws Implementing ABS - List of countries with legislation implementing ABS provisions of the CBD

Sample CBD-related Forms:

Material supply agreement example: Montgomery Botanical Center Plant Material & Image Permission Form - Agreement used by MBC to transfer material to third parties.

Material supply agreement example: Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Conditions of Use - Agreement used by RBGE to transfer material to third parties.

Material supply agreement example: Missouri Botanical Garden 2011.doc -  Agreement used by MBG to transfer material to third parties.

Material acquisition agreement example: Missouri Botanical Garden 2011.doc - Agreement used by MBG to acquire material that was previously acquired by another institution from countries of origin.

Terms of Acquisition example: Missouri Botanical Garden 2011.doc - General informational document provided by MBG to authorities in countries where access is being sought.


Sample National Laws Implementing ABS:

Ethiopia Access to Genetic Resources and Community Knowledge, and Community Rights Proclamation No. 482/2006 – The law in Ethiopia that implements the CBD principles on access and benefit-sharing.

Philippine Executive Order on Access to Genetic Resources – covers both commercial and academic research

Biodiversity Law in Costa Rica -- Chapter V covers regulations on access to genetic resources in Costa Rica

Sample Codes of Conduct: 

             NPGS Code of Conduct for Foreign Plant Explorations - guide for National Plant Germplasm System explorers when collecting germplasm in foreign countries

Plant Health Importation Regulations

Summaries: NAPPRA

NAPPRA Summary - APHIS-PPQ webpage with links to FAQS, permits, and additional information

NAPPRA regulation 5-27-2011 - Enacted regulatory text in US Federal Register

Canadian Plant Protection Import Requirements - link to consolidated regulations, including Canadian NAPPRA list - Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)


Implementation: NAPPRA 

APHIS Plants for Planting Manual.pdf - Interim edition

APHIS-PPQ Stakeholder Registry - sign up for email updates on PPQ news alerts & other changes

NAPPRA Host Plants List.pdf  - APHIS-PPQ link to NAPPRA list of genera considered host plants of quarantine pests pending risk analysis

NAPPRA Pest Plants.pdf - APHIS-PPQ link to NAPPRA list of genera considered quarantine plant pests pending risk analysis

Canadian Directive Longhorned Beetle Restricted Host Plants - list of Canadian restricted host plant genera of citrus & Asian longhorned beetle - CFIA, Dec 2011 


Related Study Material

CITES Manual for Botanic Gardens - 2nd edition, 2007 BGCI publication

Guidelines on Plant Health for Botanic Gardens.pdf - PlantNetwork of Britain & Ireland 2006 publication

Guide to Global Strategy for Plant Conservation - Toolkit from Global Partnership for Plant Conservation

International Agenda for Botanic Gardens in Conservation - Global policy framework, incl link to 2nd draft text

USDA-ARS Plant Exploration Program - 2005 comprehensive article includes discussion of international issues and benefit-sharing practices 

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