A Guide for Prospective NAPCC Applicants

American Public Gardens Association

Participation in the NAPCC reflects a long-term commitment to plant collections preservation and high curatorial standards, and a desire to work collaboratively with others. Those institutions considering participation often find the application process useful in developing long-range collection development plans.

Here are the steps involved:

1. Make inquiry
Those considering applying are strongly encouraged to contact the NAPCC Manager to discuss the collection(s) they are thinking about submitting. Consult the Ready to Apply Checklist online. Individuals from the NAPCC Recruiter/Mentor Network experienced in collections management are also available to assist applicants as needed with completing the application. After speaking with a representative, contact NAPCC Manager to receive an application.

Those organizing a multi-institutional initiative should conduct a comprehensive survey of known collections for analysis, and gain commitments from participating institutions prior to applying. The NAPCC Manager or Curatorial Group Liaison can guide coordinating institution with the pre-application inventory and MOU.

2. Submit application
Mail application to the NAPCC Manager at APGA headquarters. A complete application includes these components:

Application form
Letter of Commitment
Current Accessions List
Collections Policy
$750 Application Fee

3. Administrative review conducted
NAPCC Manager records date application is received and confirms all components are included. NAPCC Manager sends letter of receipt to applicant. May contact applicant to request missing/incomplete information if needed.

4. Site review arranged & conducted
NAPCC Manager contacts potential reviewers to discuss their availability and interest in performing site review. Site Reviewer is selected. For multi-institutional applications, site reviews are conducted at all institutions unless that site's collection is already in NAPCC as a single institution. Site Reviewer studies application, then sets the review date with applicant, confirming with the NAPCC Manager that a date has been set. Site review takes place within three months following receipt of application, unless otherwise requested by applicant. Reviewer sends completed Site Evaluation Report to APGA within one month following site review.

5. Decision made
NAPCC Manager reviews evaluation report, consults with site reviewer regarding recommendation, and makes determination to:

a) Accept into NAPCC
b) Accept with provisional status (provisions developed jointly with applicant)
c) Request changes/re-submittal or reject

NAPCC Manager sends letter to institution informing them of the decision. Multi-institutional applicants will be notified once all evaluation reports have been received.