APGA recognizes that with budgetary limitations and busy schedules, face-to-face networking opportunities are harder to come by. The APGA eCommunities are designed to recognize this reality and tailor programs to meet the needs of members. The eCommunities are composed of horticulture professionals linked and sustained online by the knowledge and experience they share through regular interactions. These interactions are conducted through electronic forums and links to resources, accessed via computer. The eCommunities facilitate discussions in three key areas: Professional Sections, Standing Committees, and Garden Sections.

Professional Sections
focused on specific disciplines, from plant conservation and collection to volunteer management, this Section covers a wide variety of topics of interest to horticulture professionals.

Sentinel Plant Network Regional Chapters

The Sentinel Plant Network's regional chapters provide a space to communicate and share resources about high-consequence plant pests and diseases.

Standing Committees
focused on assisting and supporting the Board and staff of the Association in accomplishing daily operating activities.

These three areas vary according to their individual focus, but can offer discussion groups, resource documents, links, professional development opportunities, an experts' list and section contact list. Visitors to the section sites can participate in discussions, collect and store documents, post links to other sites and ask questions of fellow members.