Event Network

Event Network was established in 1998 and is now the premier leader in cultural attraction retail. We proudly operate stores on behalf of many outstanding attractions, including botanical gardens, zoos, aquariums, museums and galleries, science centers, history, heritage and iconic cultural sites throughout North America and in Europe.
Our Core Purpose is simple:
To extend and elevate the guest experience and achieve our partner's maximum retail potential. We bring a proven store support infrastructure and vast resources as well as tremendous creativity and passion make our Core Purpose a reality for our partners. Our culture is built upon a commitment to making each store better in terms of the overall quality of the merchandise assortment, per capita sales and the guest experience every day. All of these factors, as well as mission/brand enhancement, work together in a successful store.
  • We support our partners’ missions and truly enhance their brands by delivering a world-class, seamlessly-integrated retail experience.
  • We guarantee our partners a higher return from retail than they have ever achieved on their own or with another third-party operator.
  • We provide exemplary guest service.
  • We are experienced, creative and passionate. Through a commitment to continuous improvement we deliver quality with integrity every day!


View examples of Event Network's work with gardens here.

Visit www.eventnetwork.com for more information.