Origami in the Garden

By: Box Studio, L.L.C.

Origami in the Garden is an exhibition of monumental outdoor sculpture inspired by the art of paper folding.  Santa Fe artist Kevin Box collaborates with international origami masters Robert J. Lang, Te Jui Fu and Michael LaFosse to celebrate the art of origami through museum-quality sculpture and educational programing.   
Origami in the Garden, specifically designed for botanical gardens, debuts with the Santa Fe Botanical Garden in New Mexico, 2014. The exhibition features twenty+ works including "Master Peace" a 24' tall freestanding sculpture of 1,000 origami cranes cast in stainless steel. This exhibition inspires dialogue from decision-making to social responsibility, peace, mathematics and the creative process.         
Educational programing includes internationally renowned lecturers, award winning film screenings and hands on demonstrations, engaging audiences of all ages. Robert J. Lang has lectured across the globe in venues such as TED. The film "Between the Folds" was awarded 8 independent film festival honors and a 2010 Peabody Award.        
Our gift shop features original works by Origami in the Garden artists such as how to books, videos, hand-made paper, unique studio artwork and limited edition sculpture maquettes - representing the outdoor exhibition. Additional items include post cards, calendars, origami kits and t-shirts.  Contact us now to secure your venue dates for this innovative new botanical garden art exhibition.   
"What inspires me about origami is its simple metaphor for life.  We all begin with a blank page, what we choose to do with it is what matters and the possibilities are endless."            
For more information visit: origamiinthegarden.com