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Category: Horticulture

Rhododendron Species Foundation
Federal Way, WA

Posted: Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Title:  Gardener

Reports to: Executive Director/Curator, Nursery Manager & Horticultural Assistant

Status:  Temporary-Part Time, Non-exempt, hourly, 24 hours per week, Salary commensurate with experience with a strong possibility of gaining full-time permanent status


Primary responsibility includes assisting the curator and nursery manager.

Secondary responsibilities include assisting in the maintenance and renovation of the Foundation’s public display garden, the Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden (RSBG).

Assist with maintaining the plant collections of the RSBG.

Nursery Management:
Assist with maintenance of all nursery facilities (structures, roads, paths and drainage) and equipment in good order.

Assist with keeping plants in greenhouses, hoop houses, and nursery beds in good health through a program of watering and fertilizing as well as insect, weed and disease control.

Assist with keeping accurate and detailed records and preparing reports as requested on all aspects of nursery operations.

Propagation Program:
Assist in the production of superior quality container-grown plants to meet the conservation and production needs of the RSBG as determined by the curator and nursery manager.

Maintain the accuracy of accession numbers and other pertinent labeling throughout the production cycle.

Assist with all production tasks, including taking cuttings, sowing seed, grafting, handling tissue culture explants, proper labeling, watering, fertilizing, pruning, applying pesticides, transplanting plants, field planting, etc.

Assist in the maintenance and care of the RSBG.  This includes both the plant collections and the mechanical infrastructure.

Assist in maintaining all plant collections in good health and aesthetics. Includes but not limited to transplanting, watering, fertilization, pruning, staking, labeling, pesticide applications, hand weeding, removing distressed and dead rhododendrons and companion plants, operating the irrigation system, removing fallen branches and leaves, caring for turf areas, and spreading mulch.

Assist in year-round maintenance of all roads and pathways within the RSBG.

Assist in regular maintenance of garden tools, equipment, storage areas, and irrigation system troubleshooting, repair, maintenance and mapping.

Assist with the implementation of garden renovation projects.


Participate as a team member in matters of concern to the RSBG.

Work with and occasional supervision of volunteers.

Special tasks as required.

To apply:

Please send your resume along with your completed job application form to:

Attn: Steve
PO Box 3798
Federal Way, WA  98063-3798

Or you may submit your documents by email to

If you have questions, you may call Steve at 253-838-4646 x. 101

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