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Gardener (Advanced)
Category: Horticulture

United States Botanic Garden
Washington, DC

Posted: Monday, August 11, 2014

Gardener (Advanced)

United States Botanic Garden

This position is organizationally located in the United States Botanic Garden (USBG), Horticulture Division, Gardens and Grounds Section. The incumbent assists in the maintenance and development of the USBGs gardens and grounds including the Bartholdi Park, the National Garden, and areas surrounding the Conservatory.

Specific duties and responsibilities include the following:

  • Overseeing and managing the growth, development, propagation, labeling, and care of plants, shrubs, and trees.
  • Reproduces plants through cuttings, rooting, grafting, and layering processes.
  • Starts new plants in seed beds or cold frames. Records the type and number of plants started. Identifies the type of fertilizer used on the plants.
  • Installs aesthetic and/or educational displays for special exhibits. Lays out and designs the display, selects and labels the plants, maintain, and rotate plants in the exhibit. Ensures that plants are health, well grown, and that the display areas are clean and orderly.
  • Measures and applies fertilizer and chemical control agents.
  • Controls infrequent plant diseases, cold damage, and mineral deficiencies.
  • Conducts classes, workshops, and tours to educate the public about plant collections.
  • Removes trash, debris, and weeds from assigned areas.


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