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Supervisor of Plant Production
Category: Horticulture

Arnold Arboretum
Boston, MA

Posted: Monday, March 3, 2014

Supervisor of Plant Production

The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University seeks a talented, resourceful plantsperson to manage and advance the production system for its world-renowned living collections of temperate woody plants. This Supervisor of Plant Production will work with the Director of Operations to oversee all facets of plant production, growing facilities management and development, and program creation and implementation. To accomplish these tasks, they will lead a team comprising a full-time horticulturist, plant propagator, and two seasonal interns, as well as successfully communicate and collaborate with other departments across the Arboretum.

The successful candidate must have demonstrated proficiency in propagating and producing temperate woody plants, ideally in a climate similar to that of Boston, MA. They will also have proven experience in personnel supervision, successful project management, and budgeting. The Arboretum functions as a collaborative environment. Thus the Supervisor of Plant Production must be a team player who will work closely with other Living Collections managers including the Supervisor of Horticulture, the Curator of Living Collections, and the Director of Operations, to develop and steward its valuable collections.  

Because the Arboretum’s living collection serves key conservation and scientific purposes, the successful candidate must have a keen appreciation for the unique character and broad diversity of the collection’s trees, shrubs, and vines. They will also be detail oriented, be adept at record keeping, and ideally will have experience working in another public garden.

The Arnold Arboretum encourages its staff to develop and become scholars in their professional areas. The Supervisor of Plant Production will have the opportunity to conduct applied propagation research on woody plants in the collection to improve the production system. And, because the Arboretum plays a prominent role in disseminating knowledge about woody plants, the Supervisor of Plant Production must be able to communicate in spoken and written word about the Arboretum’s collections, propagation (including their research results), and other related topics.

In addition to the production of plants destined for the permanent living collections (some 15,000 plants growing in a 281-acre landscape), the Supervisor of Plant Production will oversee the Arboretum’s plant distribution and introduction programs. They will work closely with the Membership Department toward successful delivery of the Annual Plant Giveaway for members of the Friends of the Arnold Arboretum. They will also head up the Arboretum’s efforts to distribute plants and propagules to sister institutions, researchers, and the nursery industry for mission-oriented conservation, preservation, and scholarly purposes. They will also play a key role in the evaluation, selection, and potential introduction of new plant varieties to horticulture.   


To apply please visit, Harvard University’s Recruitment Management System, ASPIRE

requisition number (link attached)  31848BR  .

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