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Garden Manager
Category: Manager

Peckerwood Garden
Hempstead, Texas

Posted: Thursday, February 6, 2014

Garden Manager

Peckerwood Garden

Peckerwood Garden, the creation of John Fairey, located in Hempstead, Texas, is an outstanding repository of rare and unusual plants from the United States, Mexico, and Asia; and exhibits a unique collection of folk art from Mexico. Balancing artistic expression and scientific discovery, it fosters educational and scientific programs, and encourages greater knowledge and appreciation of horticulture.

The Peckerwood Garden Conservation Foundation (PGCF) was established to preserve existing collections; support continued plant exploration and trials; and develop, maintain and preserve the land and facilities of Peckerwood Garden. Peckerwood is a preservation project of the Garden Conservancy and is poised to operate as a public garden.

Garden Manager, Peckerwood Garden Conservation Foundation, Inc. (PGCF)

The Garden Manager works to maintain and preserve the vision and qualities that make Peckerwood Garden unique, will help to implement the Foundation’s vision and program plan, and will help the Foundation’s efforts to develop Peckerwood as a public garden.

This is a full time position, reporting on the daily operation of the garden to John G. Fairey and PGCF Board directly, until such time as an Executive Director is in place.

He/she will work with John G. Fairey and the PGCF Board, and ultimately, the Executive Director to oversee management of the garden and its public programs.

The Garden Manager will collaborate closely with the garden creator, John G. Fairey, to continue the development of the garden. Mr. Fairey retains ultimate aesthetic responsibility for the garden; the goal is to transfer increased responsibility for garden management and staff supervision from Mr. Fairey to the Garden Manager in an orderly process.

The Garden Manager’s primary responsibilities will grow to include some or all of the following:

  • Overseeing and working with employees on the daily maintenance of the garden consulting with John G. Fairey on the direction, scope, and quality of the daily upkeep.
  • Help develop volunteer program by training and supervising docents and garden volunteers. Help to recruit volunteers and docents.
  • Manage public visitation, tours and Open Days by greeting guests and giving tours; developing information such as plant sale lists and signage; organize reception areas and plant sales; see that garden is adequately prepared for visitors. Conduct private horticultural tours; answer questions.
  • Develop garden, including the former nursery property. Assist with new plant acquisitions, installation and design; help with maintenance of physical plant; including irrigation systems, garden equipment and supplies.
  • Manage the living collections. Document and maintain information about accessioned plants with current record keeping system; Develop plant records and mapping system with Executive Director; Develop photographic record of collections. Maintain plant labels.
  • Promote development of nursery and plant sales. Oversee propagation and acquisition of plants for resale. Work with Executive Director on development of plant trials and evaluation systems; Assist in maintenance of nursery stock and sales area. Help develop and expand the seed program by supervising the harvesting, cleaning, storing and packaging seed.
  • Develop and participate in programs and outreach such as educational programs, lectures, tours and workshops.
  • Botanizing expeditions in Mexico, when safe, will be a requirement of this position.


  • Enthusiasm and passion about horticulture and garden design and an ability to communicate this to professionals and the public.
  • Knowledge of horticultural practices, especially relating to Texas and Southeastern natives, Asian, and Mexican counterparts.
  • Managerial skills, including supervising staff and volunteers; public garden management experience is desired.
  • Communication and interpersonal skills, including the ability to work with staff and volunteers and to represent the garden by public speaking, writing and educating.
  • Documentation and technical expertise, an important facet of this position is the accessioning of the plant material. (Access and Excel)

Peckerwood Garden Conservation Foundation worked closely with the Garden Conservancy to develop a Vision and Program Plan for Peckerwood Garden, as well as a Plant Collections Policy. These documents set a direction for garden documentation, research, education, interpretation, and outreach. The Garden Manager will have the opportunity to help define and implement the development and direction of Peckerwood as a public garden.

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