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Horticulture Foreman
Category: Horticulture

Morris County Park Commission
Morris County, NJ

Posted: Thursday, April 25, 2013


Job Title:                    Horticulture Foreman 


Agency:                      Morris County Park Commission


Location:                    Morris County, NJ


Last Day to Apply:    May 31, 2013 or until filled


Salary:                        $46,523.00 and an excellent benefit package


Position Description:


Employees in this position are responsible for overseeing and assisting with the hands-on development, installation, and maintenance of the gardens and plant collections throughout the Horticulture sites operated by the Morris County Park Commission.  Individuals should have strong leadership and supervisory skills, possess a strong understanding of horticulture, display master of the skills necessary to perform horticulture tasks, and be familiar with the identification and cultivation of a wide variety of woody and herbaceous landscape plants.  The Horticulture Foreman works under the general supervision of the Manager of Horticulture and reports to the Superintendent of Horticulture for the coordination of daily activities, attendance and other operational procedures.


Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Inspect the gardens and plant collections regularly and identify horticultural tasks that need to be performed.  Prioritize horticultural tasks, develop work schedules, and coordinate their implementation with subordinates.
  • Supervise Gardeners, Assistant Gardeners, Grounds workers, Interns, seasonal staff, and volunteers when performing horticultural tasks and monitor the quality of their work.
  • Train and supervise staff in the maintenance of annuals, perennials, vines, shrubs, and trees in accordance with the horticultural standards of the Morris County Park Commission.
  • Train and supervise staff in all aspects of arboretum maintenance and development including soil preparation, planting & transplanting, mulching, watering, weeding, fertilizing, pruning, propagating, mowing, raking, sweeping & blowing, tree & brush cutting, c hipping, and the proper use of shovels, trowels, fan rakes, grading rakes, spades, digging forks, pick axes, brooms, hand shears, hand saws, loppers, pole pruners & pole saws, wheel barrows, fertilizer spreaders, garden carts, ladders, and other hand tools.
  • Train and supervise staff in the proficient operation of push mowers, riding mowers, weed-whackers, backpack blowers, push blowers, garden ATV’s, tractors, pickup trucks, chainsaws, chippers, and other power equipment in accordance with MCPC safety protocols and regulatory standards.
  • Provide hands-on assistance with the completion of work tasks, when needed.
  • Design and plan garden annual, perennial, and bulb displays.  Evaluate garden displays and recommend improvements.
  • Monitor gardens and plant collections for pests and diseases.  Report pest and disease problems to IPM coordinator.
  • Apply pesticides and herbicides and maintain application records.
  • Report changes to the accessioned plant collections to the Plant Recorder including additions, removals, and deaths.  Perform periodic plant inventories.  Request accession tags and display labels.
  • Oversee equipment use and coordinate equipment maintenance.
  • Maintain time records and order supplies.
  • Create a harmonious and productive work environment.  Address discipline issues.
  • Successfully perform the above functions and use said equipment independently without supervision.
  • Maintain an attendance record adequate to complete the essential functions of the position.


Minimum Qualifications:


  • A two-year Associate’s degree in Horticulture or a related field, three year’s work as a professional gardener or groundskeeper, and one year’s experience supervising a crew.
  • A thorough knowledge of the horticultural requirements of a wide variety of woody and herbaceous landscape plants.
  • Demonstrated mastery of the horticultural practices and procedures required for soil preparation, planting and transplanting, mulching, watering, weeding, fertilizing, pruning, propagating, mowing, raking, sweeping & blowing, tree & brush cutting, and chipping, and the ability to communicate this with others.
  • The ability to identify and prioritize work tasks and supervise staff.
  • The ability to identify a wide variety of woody, herbaceous, and annual landscape plants by botanical and common name.
  • The ability to identify insect pests and diseases of annuals, perennials, and woody landscape plants.
  • The ability to use landscape hand tools effectively.
  • The ability to operate push mowers, riding mowers, weed-whackers, backpack blowers, push lowers, garden ATV’s, pickup  trucks, chainsaws and other power equipment effectively.
  • The physical strength, dexterity, and coordination sufficient to perform the above functions.
  • The ability to follow written and verbal instructions and perform basic mathematical calculations.
  • The ability to lift and carry weights of up to 50 pounds.
  • Possession of a valid NJ driver’s license
  • The ability to maintain an attendance record adequate to complete the essential functions of the position.
  • The ability to perform the essential functions of this position with or without reasonable accommodation.
  • The ability to obtain NJ Pesticide Applicator Registration and NJ Certified Fertilizer Applicator status.

How to Apply:


Please mail a resume and cover letter to John Morse, Manager of Horticulture at:


P.O. Box 1295

Morristown, NJ   07962-295


No phone calls please.  We will only respond to candidates whom we are contracting for an interview.



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