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Director of Landscapes
Category: Manager

Stratford Hall
Stratford, VA

Posted: Thursday, October 11, 2012

Stratford Hall

483 Great House Road

Stratford, VA 22558



Department:  Gardens and Grounds

Position: Director of Landscapes

Reports to: Executive Director

Fair Labor Standards Act:  X -  Exempt

Term: Full Time / 40 Hours per week


Position Objective:

The Director of Landscapes will direct the operations/maintenance/restoration/preservation of Stratford Hall’s gardens, landscapes and agricultural activities.  The Director will be responsible for the efficient management of staff and for assuring that the landscape, gardens and all other outdoor areas are maintained sustainably and in a condition consistent with the goals and priorities of a public museum environment and commensurate with the world-class significance of Stratford Hall’s landscape.


General Statement of Duties (with examples of duties assigned):


-       Garden Restoration and Preservation.  Based on the recommendations of the Cultural Landscape Study, develop and implement a plan to preserve, restore and maintain Stratford Hall’s landscape. Oversee the selection of outside consultants, as needed, to design and develop this plan. Conduct research necessary to develop and implement a plan. Work with librarian to maintain research records, plans and documents.


-       Overall Management:  Establish the Garden and Grounds Department’s annual goals. Establish goals for subsequent seasons and years; develop and manage an annual budget for the department based on those goals.  Participate in senior staff meetings to establish goals and priorities for the organization; coordinate operations with other staff and departments; share information with the horticulture staff gained at meetings outside and inside the organization.


-       Manage Gardens and Grounds Staff:  Serve as a leader for the Department, providing a good example for others to follow, and insuring good morale. Supervise, coach and appraise the skill development of staff members.  Encourage staff to continue their professional education both formally and informally. Direct the hiring and orientation of new staff members. Provide clear and concise staff evaluations. Terminate staff members who are not performing up to standards.


-       Maintenance:  The Director of Landscapes is responsible for managing grounds maintenance including plantings, both ornamental and agricultural, hiking trails and crop land, pastures, beach and hiking trails.  The Director of Landscapes must be able to handle all aspects of the plantings thoroughly and manage them using sustainable methods.  In collaboration with the designer or landscape architect, as needed, manage the cultivation of, and changes to, the planting design over time.  See to the proper care of livestock.


-       Sustainable Best Practices:  Develop environmentally-friendly and sustainable management practices, consistent with the overall goals of the organization; research best practices in this area, including evaluating the work of other local and national businesses and institutions. Oversee the timber management and harvesting program.


-       Resource Management:  Ensure that all vehicles, tools, materials, plants, equipment and other resources are procured and available when necessary and used safely, effectively, and efficiently.  Ensure that these resources are well-maintained, well-organized, and reordered promptly.  Implement and oversee inventory control systems.  Manage soil testing throughout the plantation.


-       Snow/Ice:  Develop plan and processes for snow and ice removal, including the use of plows, snow shovels, "ice breakers", snow blowers, and salt spreaders on an emergency and non-emergency basis during weekdays and weekends.


-       Contract Management:  Craft requests for proposals, write specifications for contracts and supervise all horticultural contractors working on site.  Ensure that the written specifications are fulfilled and work is conducted in a safe manner. Manage outside contracts as necessary.  Supervise contracts and ensure that work is completed in a timely manner.


-       Public Education/ Outreach / Fundraising:  Lead the gardens and grounds staff in public education. Work with the Director of Education to present tours and other educational programs, coordinating local community gardeners, and developing opportunities for volunteer work.  Represent Stratford hall to the community, private funders, and other outside organizations.  Participate in professional organizations as a representative of Stratford Hall.  Coordinate meetings of the Garden Advisory Panel


-       Safety:  The Director of Landscapes is responsible for the effective, efficient, and safe operation of the staff.  The Director of Landscapes is equally responsible for the public's safety as relates to plantings and grounds maintenance.


-       Additional Responsibilities:  Perform other duties as required in the scope of the job as designated by the Executive Director.



This position requires a minimum of three to five years of horticultural/landscape management experience with a minimum of two years in a hands-on supervisory capacity. This experience must include thorough knowledge of native and exotic plants and their care, a demonstrated appreciation and understanding of cultural landscape issues in a cultural resource/historic preservation context along with experience in forest and nursery management and sustainable agriculture practices. Experience with recreation area maintenance is also required.


Candidate must have excellent leadership, communication (both verbal and written in English), interpersonal, organizational, project management, development, technical and analytical skills; must be capable of working additional hours, under pressure and independently as necessary as well as handling a diverse range of responsibilities; must work as a team member of the a horticulture landscape management department maintaining positive work relations with staff; must be able to operate all tools, vehicles, and equipment required for use by the department; must be able to interact with all levels of management and staff; must have good computer skills (Microsoft Word/Excel preferred).  A U.S. driver's license is required.  B.A. or B.S. degree in horticulture/landscape design required.  Advanced degree preferred.

Please send all applications to Beth Sharpe at

Version Dated: February 3, 2012


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