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Gardener/Crew Leader
Category: Horticulture

Hay, Honey Farm
Far Hills, NJ

Posted: Monday, February 4, 2013


Gardener/Crew Leader


     We are currently looking for an experienced, hands-on, plant person who loves to work in and maintain naturalistic garden settings. 


    The Hay, Honey Farm is a private garden/arboretum with extensive collections compiled over the last 23 years on over 75 acres.   We participate in the Garden Conservancy Open Garden Days as well as other public and private tours.  Participation in staffing these events is required.


     The right individual will be a self starter, attentive to the detail work of fine gardening, proficient in pruning, and have the personality to work with educated directors, as well as lead crews of daily laborers. The ability to recognize common pests, understand their timings, and make environmentally sensitive pesticide applications in fruits, vegetables, and ornamentals is critical to success. Experience maintaining fine turf is very helpful.


          This is a salaried position that requires an annual hour commitment.  Weekly hours will vary depending on the season, with a more flexible work requirement from March through December, when spraying may be required early in the mornings, and weekend watering duties are necessary. 


     Candidates should hold a degree in Ornamental Horticulture or Landscape Industry.  Three years of proven experience is required.  Candidate should be eager to continue personal career development, through short courses and independent reading of relevant trade journals.


     Some other Helpful Attributes:


* Must be an experienced operator of common landscape equipment

* Able to transplant ball and burlap field grown material

* Drive 4WD drive truck

* Operate chain saws and chippers

* Be able to lift and carry 40 lbs

* Operate irrigation systems and make routine repairs

* Recognition of common weeds, and controls


     Compensation package will be competitive and negotiable to the level of benefits offered.

To apply send resume and cover letter to Hilary Clayton at:

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