Climate Change

Climate Change poses an existential threat to the flora and ecosystems public gardens showcase and conserve. The American Public Gardens Association is committed to supporting member gardens as leaders in sustainability and global climate change awareness.

APGA Climate Change and Sustainability programs and partnerships enhance climate change awareness and focus on solutions.


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Partnership
NOAA and APGA have partnered on a series of objectives that focus on educating gardeners and garden enthusiasts about the possible effects of climate change on America’s gardens, landscapes, and green spaces. NOAA also shares product highlights in our APGA Newsletter.


Public Garden Sustainability Index
This operational sustainability index and accompanying best practices workbook have been developed by Longwood Gardens, Five Winds, and APGA specifically for public gardens.
Download the Sustainability Index v1.0 (pdf 2MB) and Proven Practice Workbook v1.0 (pdf 13MB).